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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Special Review: Οlympus Has Fallen (Eng/Greek Language)

"We are never stronger than when we are tested"
"Who said anything about negotiating?"
"Let's play a game of Fuck Off. You Go First"

Badassmoviesblog says: "The Best Die Hard Scenario Clone Ever"-" So Far, Olympus Has Fallen is the strongenst contenter of the best action movie of 2013"

This review contains no spoilers and it's written both in Greek and English, so enjoy!

Το Olympus Has Fallen έκανε την πρεμιέρα του και το Badassmoviesblog για άλλη μια φορά έδωσε το παρών ώστε να διαπιστώσει αν η ταινία είναι άξια να πάρει την σφραγίδα "badassmoviesblog approved".

English: Olympus Has Fallen made it's premiere and badassmoviesblog was there to see if the movie is worthy to take the seal of approval by this blog.