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Friday, June 28, 2013

Famous casinos used in movies

After The Success of The Hangover, Ceasars Palace flooded with fans of the movie.

When you go to see a film you expect to be taken to another place where interesting things will take place, be it aliens attacking or just a story of two people falling in love. Films are a great way to entertain yourself for a while and watch a story unfold in front of your eyes. In films however the places shown on screen are not always how they appear, this is because the film makers hire many actors to come in and play bystanders so that they can get the right feeling. This is often not the case when casinos are involved as in real life there are people screaming and shouting when they win lots of chips due to their excitement.

This is something that is shown in the film The Hangover as well as a lot of Las Vegas, this is because the whole film is set in Vegas. It is a story about a bunch of friends who go on a bachelor party to the capitol of casinos and after one crazy night they end up losing the groom to be and so they have to find him before his wedding takes place. This film takes you all around Vegas and because of this you see many casinos along the way. Casinos such as the Bellagio are in the film and it shows off just how amazing it is inside and outside however the main casino that is used in the film is Caesars Palace. This casino is already massively famous due to its Roman theme and great casino floor but the film also shows off the amazing rooms you can get within the hotel part of the casino. So even if you aren’t on a crazy trip trying to recover your memories you will still enjoy the many Vegas casinos. If you're planning a trip to vegas, the size and speed of the casino games can be a little overwhelming and can take you by surprise. For those first time gamblers it may be smarter to have a practice at an online casino first. With over 400+ games available to play you can practice to your hearts content so once you enter the Las Vegas strip you'll be able to play like a pro.

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